I’ll start with a quick, but genuine, thank you for taking the time to click on to this site. What this website aspires to be is deeper than simply an info page for individuals; it’s going to be a hub for networking running knowledge.

Idea: To create a site that encompasses all things running that is easily accessible online. No fluff. No extras. Easy to navigate. Consistently updated. If you love (even if you just kinda sorta like) running, you are encouraged to click around for places to nearby to run, races coming up and eventually engage in an active conversation amongst the community regarding all things running.

Why: After graduating college I moved away to an unfamiliar city for a job (like many do). I split apart from my distance running team. While together, we were always sharing ideas of the sport and fun places to train others might not have heard of yet. When I got settled here in Charlotte running again was my next goal. But where to start? I found myself researching a lot harder than I should have once I got here to find places to train. Click after click would lead me to a park review from 2009 or an outdated trail map almost hidden from the public. There has to be a better way.

How: I will be providing an easy to navigate page to access all of the relevant information mentioned (where to run, races, community, etc. as we get larger). In return, I would love to see engagement on this site. Share articles with us that talk about injury prevention, nutrition, training plans, new gear or anything else beneficial to fellow runners. Review the training areas posted. Suggest places not mentioned. Share the page with other enthusiasts. There are so many ideas to be shared and we can create this network accessible to anyone.




Proud sponsor of the following races:

Carolina’s CARE 5k – Charlotte, NC – 6/02/2017

5K for JA (Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas) – 6/24/2017


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